GST Registration Consultant

The goods and services tax (GST) is an indirect tax that replaces many Central and State taxes including the VAT, excise duty, and service tax. If you want to register GST for your business or practice, we at Texa Corp can help you with the process. The GST is a value-added tax that is levied on most goods and services that are sold for domestic consumption.

The GST was first implemented on July 1, 2017 after the passing of the 101 Amendment of the Constitution. Welcome to Texa Corp. We are a leading gst registration consultant in delhi who provide comprehensive tax consultancy services as well.

How to Apply for GST?

A business or practice with minimum-required turnover of goods supply or services must register for GST. This minimum threshold is regularly updated by the government. We can assess your business profile to determine your eligibility before apply for registration. However, in some cases GST must be paid without concern for the threshold limit:

  • Individuals who do business with inter-state supply
  • Casual taxable individuals who engage in occasional business transactions involving supply of goods/services as principle agents or in some other role
  • Individuals who must pay taxes as part of reverse tax system
  • Individuals who supply goods or provide services through e-commerce platforms
  • NRI taxable individuals
  • Job workers supply goods after completing their work

There are many more aspects of GST, where more clarification is required. This is where a trusted and experienced gst registration consultant in delhi like Texa Corp can help you.

Document Requirements for GST Registration

As your gst registration consultant in delhi, we will require you to provide the following documents for the registration process:

  • Applicant’s PAN
  • Proprietor’s Aadhaar Card
  • Proof of Business Registration
  • Address Proof of Place of Business
  • Bank Account Details
  • Digital Signature

If you have a Partnership or LLP, you will also require the Partnership Deed/LLP Certificate, MOA/AOA and Incorporation along with the basic documents.If you have a Private Limited company, you will require MOA/AOA and Incorporation along with the above-mentioned basic documents.

Benefits of GST Registration

GST was introduced by the government to create a single market and eliminate the complex barriers that all the different taxes have created between states.

  • A simpler tax structure
  • A single market means lowered hassles and reduced business costs from multiple taxing
  • Reduced prices due to lower tax burdens
  • Enhanced transparency and improved compliance

There are many goods and services that have been excluded from GST. This includes real estate, petroleum products, electricity, and alcohol for human consumption. GST is to be paid by the consumer but it is the businesses selling the goods/services that remit this tax to the government.

We at Texa Corp are a leading gst registration consultant in delhi. our team of tax consultantshave vast knowledge and in-depth understanding of the provisions to provide you expert GST consulting experience. We advise our clients on the requirement of GST registration and the applicability of GST provisions. We also assist you in your GST registration and obtaining your registration number.