GST Registration for eCommerce

If you sell goods or services online, it is mandatory for you to obtain gst registration for e commerce. GST registrationis essential irrespective of the sales turnover. It is recommended to register before commencing your business or you may also apply for it within 30 days of starting your ecommerce business. We at Texa Corp, can help you with the application process and getting you your GST registration.

Relevant Law

The Section 9(5) of the CGST Act, 2017 requires that all e-commerce operators must pay tax on behalf of their suppliers. If you supply goods or services through your online platform, this law will apply to you and you will be treated as the supplier.So it is a must-have to get gst registration for e commerceoperators. It is essential to register under GST, no matter what the details of the ownershipof the supply and the websites are.

How to Register Ecommerce Under GST?

Our experienced tax professionals can take all the steps for gst registration for e commerce on your behalf. The main steps involved in the process are as follows:

  • Filling up the form REG-07 on the Common Portal
  • Ensuring that the application is duly signed/verified under the Electronic Verification Code (EVC)
  • Submitting the form as per the guidelines of the Commissioner

Once the officer has verified the application, they will issue certificate of register within Form GST REG-06. This can take up to 3 business days after the application is submitted.

The Form GST REG-07 is submitted either at a Facilitation Center or directly, depending on the notification from the Commissioner.

GST Registration for Information Suppliers from Outside India

As discussed below, there are two areas of online services from outside India. If you operate under these sections, you will have to apply for gst registration for e commerce.

OIDAR Services

Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Services (OIDAR) applies to entities that deliver services through the internet. Such services provide automated supply facilitated through information technology. Some of the examples of such services that need gst registration for e commerce include:

  • Online advertising
  • Media streaming services
  • Online gaming
  • Cloud services

Non-OIDAR Services

Non-OIDAR services may also have to apply for GST registration. Some of the examples of such services include:

  • Supply for newsletters, newspapers, and journals
  • Online teaching services
  • Online booking or hiring for hotels, events, cars, and more
  • Online professional or educational courses
  • Advertisingservicesfor newspapers, TV, or posters

GST Registration Process for OIDAR Services

We also assist you in apply for gst registration for e commerceto OIDAR services. The application process involves the followingsteps:

  • Filing the e-application form REG-10 on the Common Portal
  • Ensuring that the application is duly signed/verified through Electronic Verification Code (EVC)
  • Submitting form at a facilitation center or directly, based on the Commissioner’s notification

The officer grants GST registration through Form GST REG-06 after evaluating your application and all the conditions.

We at Texa Corp can make the process much simpler for you by assessing your e-commerce business profile. Our experienced professionals will take the right steps depending on the section you qualify for.