An LLP (limited liability partnership) is a type of company registration in India. Based on the jurisdiction, all the partners of these companies share limited liabilities. Registering an LLP company calls for significant legal knowledge. In case you are looking for a dedicated assistance for LLP registration in Delhi from experienced consultants, we can help you. At Texacorp, we assist our clients throughout the company registration process. Legal norms keep changing, and we understand how difficult it is to comply with all these norms. To eliminate time and monetary losses, simply give us a knock. We are an accomplished group of advisors, ready to guide you during LLP registration in Delhi.

What is a limited liability partnership (LLP)?

Limited liability partnership is a relatively new type of partnership, introduced in 2008. This kind of registration involves certain elements of companies and partnerships at the same time. In an LLP, a certain partner has limited liabilities, which indicates that the person would not be liable or responsible for negligence or misconduct of any other partner. LLP registration in Delhi is easy, provided you are on the right track. It would be wise to seek our professional support during the registration process.

Who should register for an LLP?

For consultancy firms and professionals, this kind of business model is very suitable. The partners can drastically reduce their individual risks when they register as an LLP. You may reach out to us for any assistance for LLP registration in Delhi.

In an LLP business model, the partners get to enjoy the benefits of companies. However, they do not have to bear the liability involved in a partnership firm. Most importantly, you get to enjoy great tax benefits.

At Texacorp, collaborate with entrepreneurs willing to form limited liability partnerships. Drafting the LLP agreement becomes easier with a dedicated support from us.

Benefits of forming an LLP

  • After completing your LLP registration in Delhi, you will enjoy dual benefits of partnership and company
  • You would not be liable for misconduct of your partner
  • As compared to a private limited company, lower incorporation expenses are involved here
  • The partners share limited liabilities

Generally, it takes between 12 and 15 days to complete the registration process.

What documents do you need?

  • Copy of PAN card of each partner
  • Proof of residence of each partner
  • Proof of place of business
  • One coloured photograph of each partner

Stages involved in registering an LLP

The process of LLP registration in Delhi involves six steps, as presented below:

  • Step 1: Obtaining the Digital Signature (DSC) of both the partners
  • Step 2:Obtaining the Directors Identification Number(DIN) of both the partners
  • Stage 3: You need to get the name of your LLP company approved by the ROC
  • Stage 4: On submitting the final documents like business address proof and subscription page, you have to generate the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Stage 5: Preparing and submitting the LLP agreement to the ROC
  • Stage 6: Applying for your TAN and PAN

Considering the legal obligations and complexity involved in the process, a professional support is necessary for LLP registration in Delhi. We can assist you comprehensively through the process, once you reach out to us.