If you are an entrepreneur, willing to launch a micro, small or medium business, we can help you with MSME registration in Delhi. We, at Texacorp, are a team of seasoned legal and financial consultants, assisting entrepreneurs to register their small, micro and medium scale companies. Registering your company comes with several benefits. The government has come up with several schemes for these firms. In order to avail these advantages, you need to register your company. For any assistance in MSME registration in Delhi, you can reach out to us.

Which companies are classified as MSME?

As per the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act (MSMED) of 2006, MSMEs are classified into two categories. These include:

  • Service enterprises, including the companies engaged in providing or rendering services
  • Manufacturing companies include companies engaged in manufacturing or producing goods

How can you register for an MSME?

You can register your company online by visiting the government website. We can also help you complete your MSME registration in Delhi. Once you submit the application, you would be able to obtain the registration certificate within two to five working days. This certificate comes with lifetime validity. No limit has been prescribed regarding the name that an individual would be using to register for an existing or new business.

Benefits of MSME registration

In case you are willing to complete your MSME registration in Delhi, we can guide you throughout the process. Have a look at the several benefits for your company, once you complete the registration.

As a business owner, you can obtain bank loans at lower rates of interests, ranging between 1% to 1.5%. This is much lower, as compared to the regular loans.

  • Companies that undergo MSME registration in Delhi enjoy several tax subsidies, as offered by the government of India.
  • The registered companies are also entitled to credit for Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT). Rather than 10 years, this can be carried forward for a period of 15 years.
  • Registered MSMEs also enjoy faster access to credit.
  • These industries can also get sole access to certain tenders of the government
  • You will also get a greater preference for government license and certification
  • A One Time Settlement Fee is applicable for the amounts that have not been paid by the MSMEs.
  • After your MSME registration in Delhi is completed, the patent of receiving cost is completed. The setting up of cost for the industry gets reduced, since several concessions and reimbursements are available to the registered firms.

How can we help you during MSME registration?

At Texacorp, we offer you an all-inclusive solution for MSME registration in Delhi. Here’s how you can benefit from our assistance.

  • For any query during the process, you can reach out to our support desk any time
  • Our seasoned professionals will come up with suitable suggestions for you, depending on your requirements
  • During MSME registration in Delhi, we assist our clients compile and submit all the necessary documents and information
  • One of our dedicated experts will take care of the registration process
  • Our experienced personnel ensure optimal satisfaction of our clients
  • Our services are affordable with no hidden charges

Get across to us for any sort of assistance with MSME registration in Delhi. A professional collaboration from our end ensures a hassle-free registration process for you.