B.com, M.com, LLB,
5 year of experience in taxation

Special field GST, income tax, internal audit, bank audit, accounting, legal compliance

Abhinav Jain is the founder & CEO of Texa Corp. He is a corporate lawyer and vast experience of Direct and Indirect taxes. He is a well know GST practitioner in Delhi-NCR. He has a experience of 4 years in his Field.


Abhinav Jain is a tax and legal compliance consultant with over 5 years of experience in the field of taxation. He is an expert communicator, thinker, innovator, and collaborator. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Commerce, followed by an LLB. He is a GST specialist and currently services clients, including the largest enterprises, across New Delhi.


Abhinav’s first major breakthrough in the industry was in 2007 as an Articled Assistant with Rakesh Raj Associates, Faridabad. He gained vast experience in the company before moving in 2011 to Intergen Energy Limited, Gurgaon as Assistant Manager. He spent two years at the company before joining Dia Vikas Pvt. Ltd. as a Manager.

Areas of Expertise

Abhinav Jain is an expert in the Special field GST, income tax, and auditing. He has developed years of experience in the management of finance operations and contribution to higher organizational growth. He has also excelled in the field of stabilizing and transitioning accounts payable process and banking process to achieve greater cost savings.

He brings with him over 5 years of experience, allowing him to build in-depth knowledge in the areas of company laws, financial statements, taxation, IFRS, and Indian GAAP. Besides, his legal qualification combined with his experience in company law matters makes him a legal compliance expert. Abhinav has gained exposure to both national and international accounting and financial ecosystem.

Auditor Skills

Abhinav is an expert in internal audit, bank audit, and legal compliance. His auditing skills go beyond his in-depth knowledge and practice in the subject matter. He also has strong documentation skills, presentation skills, attention to detail, and expertise in SFAS rules, corporate finance, and financial software. His objectivity and thoroughness have helped him stand out from the crowd and be valued by his clients.

Leadership & Communication Skills

Besides being an accomplished expert in GST, income tax, and compliance requirements, Abhinav Jain is also an effective leader. He has developed strong leadership skills that have helped him rise up the ranks to become an expert in the areas. His leadership skills are followed by his strong communication skills, relationship building skills, and negotiation skills.

Roles & Functions

Over the years, Abhinav has played multiple rules in different organizations, allowing him to gain varied experience in the fields of accounting, finance, taxation, and legal compliance. He has in-depth knowledge of administering the financial and expenses functions of an organization, covering everything from budget planning to allocation to disbursal and everything in between.

He also has expertise in the development of financial strategies and organizational systems and policies. He is also an expert in the implementation of systems, manuals, and procedures for the preparation and maintenance of statutory books of accounts and financial statements. He also has experience in coordinating with authorities, bankers, consultants, and company secretaries.

Whether it is meeting GST compliance, legal compliance, or other areas of accounts and finance, Abhinav Jain is a specialist in his field. He has emerged as an expert his field and has built strong industry relations.


Company Secretary,Charted Accountant
12 year of experience in taxation

Ayushi Jain is the co-founder of Texa Corp. She has a experience of 12 years in his Field.


Ayushi Jain is an Accounting, Taxation and Auditing specialist with expertise in all underlying areas. The Chartered Accountant brings with her 9 years of experience in the areas of Finance, Accounts, Taxation and Audit with multiple organizations of significant repute and brand name.

Educational Background

Ayushi is completed her Chartered Accountancy in 2011. She has also completed her Company Secretary, has started her actively working in the field of Secretarial also. Currently, she is taking her credentials to the next level with her ICAI course in Forex and Treasury Management. The 2009 B.Com. graduate from Delhi University is an authority in her field.

Professional Experience

Ayushi Jain began her career in 2007 as an Articled Assistant with Rakesh Raj & Associates, reputed Chartered Accountants in Faridabad. She moved on to become an Assistant Manager with Intergen Energy Limited, Gurgaon, a well-known conglomerate in the area of Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Water Treatment in 2011. She has also worked with Dia Vikas Capital, a subsidiary of the global firm Opportunity International Australia as Manager of Finance, Accounts and MIS with. Now she has started her own firm to share her knowledge, wisdom and experience and help businesses in their accounting, financial, taxation and auditing needs. It is not just her progressive qualifications that give her the edge in her field, her experience in these reputed organizations have also made her stand out from the crowd.

Professional Achievements

The CA plays a key role in the successful transition of one of her employers from a Non-Banking Financial Company to a Core Investment Company. She has also played an instrumental role in the implementation of automation in the in-house systems to ensure more efficiency in resource management. She has also successfully managed comprehensive tax compliance issues with the Income Tax Department.

Professional Duties & Roles

She has experience in playing a pivotal role in the areas of budget creation and running variance analysis within the organization. She is an expert in administering the financial and expenses functions including everything from allocation to disbursal to auditing and everything in between.

Ayushi has vast experience in the development of financial strategies and policies of organizations. She is responsible for conducting IRR/cash flow calculations of planned projects, managing direct tax cases and representing, developing and implementing MIS functions, systems, policies, and much more. She interfaces with the CEO, Executive Director, and other vertical heads and coordinates with clients, banks, auditors, company secretary, and government agencies.

Ayushi Jain’s credentials and experience make her an authority in her field.