Partnership Firm Registration

A Partnership is one type of business organization form in India that involves 2 or more individuals coming together for form the business. The profits from the business are divided as per the agreed proportion between the partners. If you are seeking partnership firm registration in delhi, we at Texa Corp can assist you with all steps of the process.

Need for Registration a Partnership Firm

The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 regulates the formation and management of partnerships. A partnership firm registration in delhi is an optional decision and is at the discretion of the partners. The firm can be registered at any time before starting the business or during the operation of a partnership.It is recommended to register the firm, as it provides specific rights to the firm that cannot be enjoyed by an unregistered firm.

Information Required for Partnership Firm Registration

A partnership firm registration in delhi will require the following information for the partnership deed.

  • Nature of business
  • Date of initiation of business capitalfor contribution by each partner
  • Capital contribution from each partner
  • Profit and loss sharing ratio between the partners

Step by Step Guide to Starting a Partnership Firm

We at Texa Corp can guide you through the entire process of partnership firm registration in delhi. The process of starting your firm will require you to follow this process:

  • Select the name of the firm
  • Preparation of a partnership deed. This deed includes all the information such as the name and address of the firm, the details of the partners, and the ratio of profit sharing. If a partnership is for a fixed period, this period is also mentioned in the deed.
  • Partners can include additional information or clauses in the deed, based on their arrangement. This can include information such as salaries, interest, commissions, and partner duties and powers.
  • The Indian Stamp Act requires that the deed for partnership firm registration in delhi be on a stamp paper.

We will also assist you in getting your partnership deed registered with the Registrar of Firms.

Form & Document Submission

The application form and requisite fee is submitted to the Registrar of Firms in Delhi. The application form should be signed by all the partners. The following documents will be required at the time of submission:

  • Form 1 or Application for registration of partnership
  • Certified original copy of Partnership Deed
  • Specimen of Affidavit
  • Proof of principal place of business

Once the registrar has checked all the documents and is satisfied, they will issue the Certificate of Registration.

We at Texa Corp can guide and assist you with the entire process of partnership firm registration in delhi. We assist all types of businesses, including small, medium, and large enterprises to meet compliance requirements under the Indian laws and set up their business. We are a team of legal, accounting, and IT professionals with vast experience in the field. We provide quick turnaround and faster process, based on our vast experience in our area of expertise.