In India, most of the business establishments including restaurants, cafes and shops are regulated by the Shop and Establishment Act. From time to time, you need to renew your license for running the establishment, as a part of norms under this act. At Texacorp, we provide a comprehensive assistance to business owners for shop and establishment license renewal. Our experienced team of advisors can take you through a smooth and hassle-free journey, renewing your license.

Remember, the norms of this Act vary from one state to another. As a business owner, you need to be aware of the working conditions in your establishment, so that you can take care of the wages, rights and holidays of your labours.When you reach out to us for shop and establishment license renewal, our experts will guide you with all these features and compliances.

The Shop and Establishment License Act

If you are a trading body, business or professional registered under the Act, the Shop and Establishment License would be issued to you. The Department of Labor governs the rules of the Act. This body regulates the commercial bodies, besides monitoring the operation of societies, charitable trusts, educational institutes, besides other premises. These include stock exchanges, banks, share brokerages and insurance companies. For shop and establishment license renewal, most of these establishments seek professional support. Our experienced professionals understand the legal obligations well and convey the same to our clients.

The Shop and Establishment License Act regulates both the organized and unorganized sectors. The objective of the act is to ensure that the establishments provide the labours with proper working conditions. Before opting for shop and establishment license renewal, you might want to know the norms in your state. We will provide you with a comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

Who can obtain the license and renew it?

  • Service centres
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and eateries
  • Retailers or wholesalers’ establishments and shops
  • Godowns, store-rooms and warehouses
  • Theatres, amusement parks and entertainment houses
  • Any other working place, as applicable

After registration, you need to seek professional assistance for shop and establishment license renewal from time to time to enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of registration and license renewal

  • The shop or establishment gets legally recognized, when you get it registered
  • It is important to complete your shop and establishment license renewal as it facilitates further registrations
  • This registration serves as a document or proof, which proves handy when you go for other registrations
  • In case the registration lapses, you will not be able to open a bank account for the establishment under its name
  • Completing the shop and establishment license renewal on time makes sure that you can continue to raise investments through venture capitals or loans

How can we help you with shop and establishment license renewal?

As seasoned professionals, we have been collaborating with business owners, providing them with an all-encompassing assistance for shop and establishment license renewal. When you reach out to us, we can help you in filling the form, compiling the necessary documents and tracking the progress. Right from registration to license renewal, you can seek our assistance. A professional hand from our end ensures that you remain on the right track throughout the process.