As an entrepreneur, you might be thinking of launching your own business. Have a consultation with our experts regarding trademark registration services, when you register your trademark. At Texacorp, we assist our clients through the process of registering their trademark.

We understand the hard work and resources involved in building a brand. You would want to enjoy exclusive ownership of your brand name, slogan, logo, packaging of goods and all other products. This also includes the colour combinations, odour, sound and packaging of goods, as applicable. Once you register your trademark, your brand gets a distinct identity. Presently, we are collaborating with both corporate giants and startups in India, helping them with trademark registration services. For any kind of assistance of consultation, you may reach out to us.

What is a trademark?

A trademark, put in simple words, refers to a logo or brand representing your business. To own the sole right over the use of your trademark, business owners need to register the same. With our comprehensive trademark registration services, you can search for a suitable trademark and follow the legal norms to get it registered for your company.

A trademark is usually some kind of visual symbol, like a label, device, name, signature, colour combination or numerals. For any goods, services, or commercial products, a trademark is necessary to set it apart from similar items that come from other businesses. Even a packaging label, wrapper, tagline or a brand name, or a combination of all these elements can be a trademark. When you reach out to us for trademark registration services, our experts will help you to develop this visual identity.

Reasons to register your trademark

  • Your brand gains uniqueness through your trademark, distinguishing it from similar products or services
  • They speak for your brand, creating an essence of visual identity
  • Over time, your trademark can help in appreciating your brand value
  • Your customers can relate to your brand, when they become familiar with your trademark
  • In the cyberspace, business organizations can effectively use the power of social media with a distinct trademark
  • It is easier to hire employees when your trademark becomes familiar in the industry

Considering these benefits of having a trademark, you may seek trademark registration services form us.

Documents required for trademark registration

You would need to furnish the following documents while registering your trademark.

  • Logo and brand name
  • Address proof and PAN card number of the applicant
  • User affidavit, under certain cases
  • Startup reorganization or MSME
  • Signed TM-48 form
  • Proof of where you would use your trademark

Most of the business owners find it difficult to understand the norms and requirements for trademark registration. When you consult us for trademark registration services, our professionals will seamlessly guide you through the process.

How can we assist you with trademark registration services?

  • Searching a suitable trademark for your brand
  • Drafting your trademark application
  • Submitting your trademark application
  • Keeping a watch on the respective applications
  • Coordinating with the TM Office with appropriate responses
  • Assistance in renewing your trademark when needed

Our trademark registration services are affordable, and you would find our assistance valuable. Failing to adhere to the prescribed norms may cause delays in registration. Reach out to us for a committed assistance and get your trademark registered in quick time.